Powel ProAdm 5

Citec ProAdm 5 is logical extension of ProAdm 4. We have totally rewritten ProAdm 4 using latest known technologies. ProAdm 5 became more powerful than ever, because now we are using Sql Server 2008 instead of Sql Compact Edition 2.0. This gives us ability to use transactions, which means - if during any operation exception raised - no data will be changed. It also gives as ability to use "Bulk operations" - save many thousands rows of data in a couple of seconds. This is very useful then working with TimeRegistering during importing data from SmartDok.

Now we have automatic forms refresh system - this is used then couple of users are changing same form. We also implemented rights system - now if you do not want that somebody saw project prices or descriptions or calculations you may set such options. You could close access to project if you do not want to see it by others.

We also implemented Localization system. Now ProAdm 5 could be translated to any language you want - without changing any form. Just provide needed xml file with translations.

To better understand major changes just take a look at comparison table below:

Powel AS

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Powel AS
ProAdm 4 ProAdm 5
.NET Framework 4
SQL Server 2008
Bulk Copy Operations
Project rights
Entity Framework