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Choosing the right 3D visualization company

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This is a email of Faraday LLC company where this time we will discuss how to choose the right 3D visualization company.

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It is a fact that cars are repaired by qualified mechanics, to build a house - an experienced builder is needed and to produce an esthetically striking architectural design - a professional 3D designer is needed.

Many people already understand this, but how to choose a professional with a great creative development potential is still not clear. Nowadays, the number of suppliers in the 3D Visualization market exceeds the demand, but the area where entrepreneurs really succeed, is in marketing and advertising, using some main tools which traditionally are lies and casuistry.

That is why the Faraday team has decided to write an article like this.

We sincerely believe that our tips on how to choose a 3D Visualization studio for your projects might be useful for someone out there.

The concept of "3D Design" is too vague, so we will only talk about the architectural 3D rendering, which is Faraday LLC specialty and therefore the one we can talk about with a better opinion. It seems that we have 3D artists in abundance, but to find one who not only draws a picture, but also looks into the possible problems or flaws that exist in your project and help you achieve your goals, is really difficult. The market is crowded with amateurs (freelance websites), who produce lots of noises, but their produced results are really poor.

There is no guarantee that working with another studio will go smoothly, but with the help of our tips common mistakes can be avoided..

1. When searching for the studio do not only focus on local developers.

To create a 3D visualization, remote collaboration with professionals is not an obstacle; sometimes it even brings more benefits. If some local client calls and says: "I have a project on mind, let´s meet!" – then half of the day will be lost on the organization of the meeting. With the remote client, everything is easier: Skype and email are faster and more convenient, especially if the client describes his idea by writing (email), he can ponder it later and he may even refuse to make unnecessary changes.

2. Look for a company with a visible Portfolio

Portfolio can help you determine not only whether the designers have a taste, but also show the level of quality that can be expected at the end of the project. If the company´s website shows the work process and its different stages, this is a guarantee that the company is serious about the matter.

3. Beware of freelancers

It is strongly recommended not to mess with private designers working "on their own". Of course, there are exceptions. However, most of the people that are freelancing are at the very early stages of their 3D Artist career, therefore their main motivation will be to get experience and develop a portfolio instead of selling their services for profit. This will result in the offering of low priced propositions causing unfair competition and prejudice the companies and/or the people that are able to offer quality and fill those same projects requirements for the fair price. Long story short: be careful with the individuals who offer you a very low price for the project, especially if you are going to need to present that project to a customer (situation where quality and realistic renderings are a must).

4. If you immediately get the price without sending any materials – go away

3D visualization is not a chocolate, there are no fixed prices. 3D visualization - is the solution. Unknown problem – it is not known how much time and effort will be needed to solve it. Therefore, it is impossible to estimate the budget. In order for the studio team to solve your problems, they must know about your goals. Are you going to present the project to some customer? Are you going to participate in a public contest? Bad companies which are not interested in why you need the visualization do not ask questions.

5. Be prepared to communicate with the company every day

The interaction between the 3D company and the client happens throughout the entire development process: on the Internet, telephone or in person. It may seem strange that questions are being asked every day, but if so, you are with luck: most likely, you are working with a pro. Personally, we do not work with people who do not want to cooperate. We cannot invent the problem ourselves. More precisely, we can, but the client's goals will not be reached.

6. Good rendering studio - a small one

Believe us, we know a lot of companies of two or three people who will resolve the task faster and better than other companies that have between 20-30 people. Small companies just do not waste time on nonsense and unnecessary bureaucracies.

As always, before we end this month’s issue, we would like to hear you about your opinion on this matter. We ask you ten seconds of your time to fill the following pool at: https://polldaddy.com/poll/8375639/

Basically we want to know which aspects (considering the ones written on this letter) are more and less important to you when it comes the time to choose a rendering studio and if there is other (apart from the ones written on this letter) which you also consider important.

We value very much our customers and potential customers’ opinions, as you have noticed so far and therefore we highly appreciate any feedback


Dimitri Bobkov
CEO, Faraday LLC

Faraday CEO