Interactive architecture

Interactive architecture - what does it mean? Interactive means, that program respond on user interaction. If you watch video presentation it can't be named interactive: you cannot interact with a video. If you watching 3D Visualization images of architectural or any other designs, it also can't be named interactive. It is one way street.

But what if we will provide you ability to take a look at, for example, private house from any angle you want? Not the bunch of images... but by moving your mouse and selecting desired angle? Will it be more engaging and more fun than just scrolling images? And yes, it is totally possible to achive with any project you like: small private house, large office building, part of the city... whatever your imagination can think of... All this possible thanks to such game platform as Unity 3D.

Yes, you read it correctly - game platform. What can be more interactive than a game? Ah...? Virtual reality, we are getting there also, soon :)

So here is interactive application, built on Unity platform, to show you in what way 3D Visualization can be presented also. Here is a small private house:

  • You can fly around it by yourself
  • You can just sitdown and watch hardcoded fly-throughs.
  • You can make every wall of the house transparent
  • You can remove environment or furniture if you like, on weak devices

Yep, Unity allows to run its player using ordinary internet browsers or run it as standalone application on different platforms: Windows, IOs, Android...

P.S Better run Interactive Architecture application in Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. Recently Chrome disabled npapi support and Unity team was not able to move Web-player to WebGL platform

If you do not have time switching browsers, in case of using Chrome, here is a short video showing interactive abilities of Interactive Architecture application built on Unity platform.

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