Choosing the right 3D visualization studio

Sometimes you face the question of whether to hire a new person in your team or to optimize the expenses and use an outsourcer?  Or you are extremely busy, but you do not want to lose a client, so you need someone to delegate work to. How can you find a reliable partner? Find out with this free ebook
Choosing 3d rendering company
After reading this book, you will know:
  • How to evaluate a studio's portfolio
  • Risks of using freelancers
  • What to expect from a studio
  • Other factors to look at when choosing the 3D visualization studio

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Who is this book for?

Project managers

Who want to retain their clients and offer additional services on top of the existing ones.


Who make building drawings and want to optimize their expenses on 3D visualization by choosing a reliable partner.


Who want to meet deadlines and are looking for a reliable partner with an outstanding portfolio and great communications skills.