How it works: Faraday 3D workflow

So, you are here after another 3D visualization vendor. The previous one went dark or you are sick and tired of empty promises. All you need to know right now is - can we manage to do your project on time and how much it'll cost you. Want to step on the same rake again? If no, here is our workflow you must follow:

If you have a big project

If your project is big enough and requires more than 5 artists (we can expand our team up to 15 people) - then Roadmap session is must have! The 3D Roadmap is an eye-opening experience, addressing a key question like, is there a mutual fit between us without an opportunity to spend Big Bucks from your side. Sounds easy, but if this step is done improperly or even missed, the result is deplorable.

Based on 3D Roadmap you'll find out your 3D visualization project price and if the price does not fit your budget, you'll walk away with a complete step-by-step guide describing your project which will allow you to save your time in a negotiation process with another vendor. You can try to figure this out yourself through trial and error, but I assume you don’t want to continue losing time or money, don't you?

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If you have a small project

Let's have a chat in order to reveal all your business goals and 3D visualization wishes, what should make your 3D visualization project stand out from the crowd. If we're a good match, we'll gladly implement your 3D project in the shortest time frame possible!

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Case Studies

Photo-montage for marketing purpose

Case Study: Rävala street office building visualization in the center of Tallinn
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trio interior by faraday 3D

Avrame Case Study

Case study: How to Create 3D Visualization from an Architectural Design

Emotional 3D visualization

Case study: Telling the story with the help of 3D visualization

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Client testimonials
Katrina Heilman
Katrina Heilman
CEO Arcanum Architectural Rendering, USA

Foreign company, cultural and time differences - forget about this when you work with Faraday 3D


Arcanum Architectural Rendering is a 3D visualization company located in the United States under the direction of Katrina Heilman. Company's primary clients are large architectural firms and real estate developers who are really strict about deadlines with a desire to impress their clients, investors and city officials.


Katrina turned to us with a complex project hoping that we will be able to fix it after the previous 3D company failed to deliver a satisfactory result. The main challenge was to finish this project in a very short timeframe considering the time difference between our time zones in 8h.

Katrina's feedback:

  • What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying 3D viz service from Faraday 3D?

New company - unknown way of doing business: I would have been nervous about using a company that is foreign with the time difference and unfamiliar with the way they do business.

Cultural differences: I would have been nervous that cultural differences would have gotten in the way or timeline or time difference and it would mess up my project if I had a big deadline.

Luckily, I do not feel this was an issue at all and I thought we worked well together. English is perfect and I can communicate clearly. If you had been around for my last client, it was a nightmare, so working with Faraday 3D is a dream. I think the fear of the unknown would stop me, but after working with Dimitri's team, I have no reservations.

  • What did you find as a result of buying this service?

Even with all the changes, my renders were done on time and budget and guys worked really hard to get them right.Dimitri's explanations were clear on what he needed and every update or change I asked for was done.

Working with the previous 3D company, 50% of the changes would get done and I would have to ask 5 times for something. Total nightmare.

Dimitri answered my questions and pointed out issues to me early which I would never have seen or noticed, so that was super great.

  • What specific feature did you like most about Faraday 3D?

Answering my questions, pointing out issues with images so I can communicate with my clients and easy to fix them, reliable communication at office hours - I knew when I woke up I would have an email from Dimitri, getting all the changes updated as I asked for.

Turns out that time difference played right into the hands. It was really convenient to discuss changes with my client during a day and get them done next morning.

Also an ability to review my documents and tell me what needed - was awesome.

  • Would you recommend Faraday 3D visualization service? If so, why?

Totally! I think for all the reasons above and:

  • reliability
  • communication
  • English communication for us US clients
  • knowledge of the process and helping me understand at times
Ludvig Miles
Ludvig Miles
CEO Husab Bostad AB, Sweden

Quality and flexibility combined with fair prices


HusabGruppen is a modern construction and real estate group of companies, located in Stockholm. Sister company Husab Bostad AB under the direction of Ludvig Miles is focused on project development of single-family homes.


Ludvig turned to Faraday 3D company with a request of producing 3D visualization materials for the marketing campaign of a future construction located at Sollentuna north of Stockholm. The main challenge was in achieving the local surroundings in 3D: garden living close to Stockholm with excellent transportation opportunities. The coloring scheme is set as an abstract pallet from a forest.

Ludvig's feedback:

  • What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying 3D viz service from Faraday 3D?

Geographical distance obstacles: None. Distance from Sweden to Estonia isn´t a problem in case of producing digital solutions.

Language barrier: None. Dimitri - main contact and co-owner of Faraday 3D speak English well. By thorough explanation and references most of what I, as a client want, can be understood.

The only problematic point is a photographic montage. In that case, we need to take the pictures ourselves or hire locals and that can cause us small troubles.

  • What did you find as a result of buying this service? What specific feature did you like most about us?
We are very pleased with the results which Faraday 3D team did. Dimitri's team seems eager to listen and very flexible. We also got a bonus images which we did not ordered, but they turned to be very useful in explaining for a our customers how future houses will look like from every side.
  • Would you recommend Faraday 3D visualization service? If so, why?
Yes definitely, quality and flexibility combined with fair prices.