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Why do You need this service and how it works!

  • It is possible to refuse manufacture of furniture sets in order to make photos of them. Use our 3D visualization and receive orders from admiring customers.
  • You can produce only what is in demand. By showing nice looking gallery of 3D images you definitely know what customer wants.
  • You can forget creating of your own photo studio or renting a special room. Now you have 3D visualization. We will create all the 3D-models so there is no need to even contemplate a photo shoot.
  • Save money on logistics and personnel. No need to hire porters, drivers who deliver the furniture in a photo studio, photographers and etc...

Here's why you should trust Faraday 3D!

We prepare solution, not just 3D visualizations.

Our 6-year working experience is at your disposal.

We work through your project and we imbue ourselves with its features, that's why we create only what you need and what really corresponds to the concept of the furniture.

We work on even those small details that our colleagues consider unnecessary. Therefore, there are realistic seams and folds which every textile have, correct reflections and lightning, which transform the visualization into a real picture.

You pay not for the ephemeral promises but for the final result. We provide a render and only after the approval you do payment.

And we don't only create a renders, but also mix photo with 3D, which reduces your costs and saves time. The result is just as realistic.


Real success stories, from real people!

Here are 5 more reasons that make You happy!

  • Any changes allowed

    You decided to add another textile to your chairs collection. No problem, we will do all necessary changes within a working day.

  • Save up to 90% of money

    No need to create all the furniture. No need to store it. No need to build your photo zone or rent it. No need to hire a photographer and arrange logistics.

  • Best render angles

    We create 3D-visualizations with the best angle, so the presentation of the project is guaranteed to produce the desired impression..

  • Short project delivery

    You will get your 1st project results within 16 working hours. This is much faster than waiting for a photo-studio workflow.

  • Show care of your own clients

    The client’s decision to buy or not to buy depends on the quality of the catalog and other presentation materials. Show to your clients that you care about them by presenting best looking catalog.


with Faraday 3D

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100% Risk FREE - you have nothing to lose!

Dimitri Bobkov,

I'm 100% confident that you are going to be completely satisfied with final result. If  for any reason you’re not happy, there is no obligation to pay.

The Simple Way to show Difficult things

Get started today - here is what you get:

  • First of all we will help you to understand your project goals
  • We will give you several options to choose from to achieve your goals
  • We will be in close contact with you throughout the project
  • As a result you will get as many renders as you need
  • We will help you to choose render formats and quality for different purposes: web, brochure, printing
  • If needed we will wrap everything in a nice looking website to attract more customers for your project

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.I need not only visualization but other stuff too

    A.Every construction company is using subcontractors, it’s a fact. Same way we have reliable partners who are experts in their own niche. That’s why to fulfill your needs we cover such wide expertise as: 3D Visualization, Graphic design, Website developing, SEO optimization and etc…  You do not need to be an expert in all these sectors to understand how things should work. Just rely on us!

  • Q.If I will not like the result, what next?

    A.Let’s admit – you saw our portfolio, you know the quality we provide. On every project step you will see results in order to quickly apply changes or fixes. By using such way of managing 3D visualization projects it is hard to get the result which is absolutely out of your expectations.


  • Q.I have a low budget, will you help me

    A.We have solution for every budget. Of course we will not sell you a Porsche by the price of Opel (sorry Opel) , but you will get decent solution which will satisfy your needs.

  • Q.What materials do I need to send you?

    A.If you will look our blog, you will find nice Checklist what we are asking from clients before starting the project.

  • Q.How much is "the fish"?

    A.We are not selling a chocolate. We are selling solution! Have you told us about your needs first in order to get price from us?


Furniture 3D Service

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