Economic class 3D visualization package

Result: 1 image
Delivered: within 1-3 days
Surroundings: no or simple landscape
Price: starts from 275 euro depending on house complexity

Standard package

If quality is more important for you than price, check out our Standard package...

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In order to get the price as low as possible, client must provide ready made 3D model. Ordinary this is done by architects in Archicad program or similar ones, for example - SketchUp.

The purpose of this package – to lower the price as much as possible without big loses in quality of building itself. For those customers whose main factor is a price, who thinks that 3D visualization is not an investment, but rather an expense. Ordinary such images are used to understand the building volume and do not play big role in marketing materials.



We will model your house according to drawings you provide: pdf or dwg. If you will be able to provide complete 3D model, we will fix all issues we will manage to find.

This is Economical package, which means - you will not be able to order landscape you want or do changes in landscape we will provide.

You will not be able to select camera location you want.

After first draft is done - you will be asked to check out house colors and finishing materials. If changes needed - they will be applied one time only. If later you will decide to change colors again - please prepare to pay additionally.


1 storey house 3D visualization