Citec ProAdm 4

Citec ProAdm® provides the market's decidedly powerful calculation tools for construction costs, tender costing, time tracking, project accounting and all other management around the design in the construction industry.

The program is one hundred percent adapted to Norwegian conditions. Version 4 ProAdm® has more than 1000 users across the country. The program is not static, but adapted to suit your needs, and come prepared for mechanical contractors, total contractors, builders, landscape gardeners and builders. ProAdm® devided into two separate modules:

  • ProAdm Order - for smaller projects
  • ProAdm Contractor - for bigger tasks

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ProAdm® Order

Is adapted for handling of smaller projects. The program contains all the necessary functions, such as:

  • Registering offer
  • Calculations
  • Offer distribution
  • Conversion of offers to order for further action
  • Job description
  • Billing

ProAdm® Order can be used as a standalone application or as an extension of ProAdm ® Contractor.


ProAdm® Contractor:

The program is very suitable for making the project descriptions to the subcontractors or others who want to create complete tender descriptions. It is specifically designed for contractors to handle all financial-related tasks related to projects:

  • Tender Description
  • Tenders Costing
  • Project Monitoring
  • Differences and changes
  • Time sheet
  • Billing
  • Costing


Main modules of ProAdm® Contractor are:


  • Calculate figures and comparisons with other similar projects
  • Use the experience rates to compare and identify the items that matter most in the project
  • Focus on the most used resources and list every single post where a resource is used before giving a tender

ProAdm ® combines your personal evaluation of the tender with the actual measurements and other calculators previous assumptions. This allows ProAdm ®, unlike some other pricing programs, develops and reinforces the company's expertise in the calculation regardless of prior knowledge of data! No matter how advanced you want to use the program you're sure to save time at the tender costing.

Tenders Costing:

The ability to calculate different tasks is one of the essential core skills in a construction company. Without this knowledge it will be impossible to operate. The most important feature is the ability to imagine how time consuming an operation is. ProAdm® combines the personal property with actual measurements and other calculators previous assumptions. This allows ProAdm® - in contrast to most pricing program - develops and reinforces the company's expertise in the calculation regardless of prior knowledge of data (!). No matter how advanced you are using the program will save you time already at the tender costing.

If you choose to direct prise the tender items will straight walk out, summarize and calculate VAT. In a few seconds you get a professional and pretty printing of the tender. If you choose to do a complete calculation with ProAdm® Resource Calculation retrieve materials and hourly rates from your own resources and experience in banking. You print or send and receive offers by e-mail. The offers will be read directly into ProAdm ® how you evaluate them before you put the most favorable in the calculation. All together in substantially less time than you would otherwise do by "cut and copy" from the tender book.

Time Registration:

With Time Registration in ProAdm®, you can use the same registrations to:

  • Salary Salvage (hours ProAdm® can be transferred to most payroll systems on the market).
  • Invoice Basis for hourly invoices. ProAdm® generates self-invoice basis.
  • Updated Driver cost control so that you can control the project's development.
  • Takes into those present in the diary log that can be used in any future disputes.

Even though all this functionality is built into ProAdm® is registering very efficient and fast. You can:

  • Connect multiple fixed salary codes on an employee.
  • Connect a machine so you can automatically register their hours on the machine for internal load when you put hours on the operator.
  • Hours of hired equipment and crews.
  • All time spent in the organization can be traced in ProAdm®, not just those related to a project.

Other Parts Are:

  • Additions and Corrections
  • Outgoing Incoming Invoices
  • Project Prognosis and Statistics
  • Reports
  • Supplier Register

ProAdm is registered mark of Citec company.