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3D architectural rendering FAQ: Find out the cost of project in advance

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How do I find out the cost of a 3D architectural rendering project in advance?

We are often asked to estimate the cost of a certain 3D architectural rendering project in advance and provide a quote. We understand this is important as many of our clients have different budgets.

We can advise on a price, but negotiating the cost is a mutual process.

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back yard 3d exterior rendering

3D exterior rendering FAQ: I’m not sure what result I want…

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I’m not sure what result I want – can you help?

We often face a situation when a client has a task they need completing, for example create 3D exterior rendering, but they have limited knowledge regarding the details of the project.

At Faraday we offer you a simple solution to this problem; clients should find inspiration by looking at pictures 3D exterior renderings on the internet and show these to us as their desired result. This enables us to deliver a greater service in a shorter period.

Let’s take a look at this collaboration to demonstrate.

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Customer protection policy

Customer protection policy

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Have you thought, that sometimes potential customers just afraid to make the order, because they are not really shore about final project price? How is that? Very easy. If you order some-kind software you definitely know what this application must do and it is easy enough to calculate working time. But what about design or visualizations. Customers wants something nice and beautiful. How it is possible to set term of word beautiful into  boundaries: 10h is not yet beautiful and 10h and 1 minute – masterpiece? There is the border comes? How to estimate such projects?

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