Any business tool has some similarities to medicine: in the correct dose, medicine heals, however if over used it just causes damage. 3D can heal your sales, where the previous over-exposed images may have damaged them.

3D modern furniture renders are slowly starting to get a foot hold with members in the furniture industry, therefore there are a lot more interior elements available.

Only a few people have considered these questions: What is the effect of the images and videos, and what do they bring to the project? How the quality of the executed image/video impacts the customer’s opinion of the product? How will these marketing products affect the sales?

We prefer to let our work speak for us, so on that topic, let’s discuss real jobs and evaluate them from a professional point of view.

To begin with, let’s clarify: you can use 3D not only for images, but in videos as well.

We will take a look at both formats: so that you can see the full picture. Let’s start with video. Let’s look at how it is usually made.

3D animation: show the customer your product

We will see a short video which is low quality, so you can see what is wrong and how we avoid cases like that

  • We start with a video like this, which is low quality. If we make it full screen, then the image is going to pixelate, so watching it is extremely difficult;
  • It leaves you with the impression that the thickness of the back legs is millimeters or that they are transparent
  • Chair looks too plastic and cold
  • The hangers are just hovering in the air!

The whole picture doesn’t look good: the product comes across as very cheap, the presentation just spoils the impression of the product, which is probably a good quality product.

3d modern furniture of a good quality

  • Chairs are placed in stylish interior – this is a thought out solution, as it allows you to see all the strong parts
  • Details: it gives you the impression that the steel base is very reliable and safe, and the basic material is comfortable enough
  • Give attention on shtick of video: the video helps show that the chair can be used not only in offices, but in conference halls, classrooms, and even in churches. So the video is perfectly matching a varied target audience
  • One very important advantage is also presented: you can easily stack the chairs one on top of another, that’s why the buyer won’t have problems storing them.

You have to agree, this 3D animation has dramatic difference from the previous video shown.

Let’s watch another example

One more very stylish and cozy video:

  • In less than twenty seconds customers are shown a few different interior solutions
  • The furniture variations are not the only thing shown, but the prices are shown as well. So the customer can decide on a purchase straight away
  • All versions are well made: it’s immediately visible where the wood is, and what the textile is, leather or fabric or another material
  • The light is soft enough, it gives a positive and light atmosphere, which brings a hint of the feeling that you will have after purchase

One more

  • The first shot provokes a certain feeling – in front of your eyes stays the image of some very stylish leather furniture, one look at it and you feel comfort and coziness;
  • Perfectly made details- like the artificial separations, shadows, folds, correct lighting, all this is making the video look extremely realistic
  • The sofa is shown from different angles, so the potential customer can rate its functionality, meaning they are one step closer to making a purchase

3d modern furniture presentation by Faraday 3D team

As you see 3D animation provides a stunning impression to a potential customer. And it all depends on how competently and professional it’s made.