The 3D Project Roadmap

Ensuring a good fit on both sides
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Why do I need a 3D Project Roadmap?

The short answer is - to save your money! We don't give Ballpark Quotes...

Why don't we give ballpark quotes? Because usually these quotes are done within minutes and the final price is doubled if not tripled in order to cover all surprises in future. Do you really need this?

In essence, 3D Project Roadmapping is where you and Faraday 3D team work together to take a really deep dive into your business needs, the problem you’re trying to solve, and all the possible solutions we might apply to the problem, then choose the best and create a roadmap that you can use either with us or another company.

A 3D roadmapping session is a way, before writing a proposal, to better understand the outcomes the client(you) is looking for in our work together. That way, we're better able to propose the right solution to help you get to where you want to be.

A 3D roadmapping session is also a way for you, as a client, to better understand what it is like to work with us (Faraday 3D): what is the quality of our work? How do we communicate?

A 3D Roadmapping session is where Faraday 3D and you, as a client, will work together to dive into your business: where’s it’s been, where it is, and where you want it to be.

The primary outcome of a 3D roadmapping session is a decrease in uncertainty. That is, we’re reducing the risk associated with the project on both our side and your side.

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What is the goal of this 3D Project Roadmap?

  • Identify holes in your architectural materials
  • Produce an accurate estimate of the project timeline and cost, preventing irritating and costly overages and delays
  • Ensuring a good fit on both sides for making 3D project which will stand out from the crowd

Will I get any deliverables?

It’s a low-cost, low-risk engagement that aims to make sure we do things right the first time. What's why you'll get:

  • Complete check of your architectural materials, including blueprints, 3D models, etc...
  • We'll create 3D sketches for verifying best camera locations
  • Mood board for every camera
  • And much more...

What happens after the 3D Project Roadmap?

  • You can take the insights learned and then ask another vendor for the price of execution.
  • You can hire us to visualize your future property keeping in mind that cost of project we’ll setup will be final.

What happens after I apply?

We'll send you step-by-step instructions via email. Our response time is usually about one business day.

I still have questions!

Still have questions? No problem! Please shoot us an email at [email protected]

Can I see examples

Of course, before applying to 3D Roadmapping Session we will have short meeting there we'll show you everything you want to know.

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